The Bircham Centre has been a key part of Reepham's town centre for over 100 years.  The building was donated to the town as a Reading Room in 1919 by its owner Samuel Bircham, and then it was called Hackford House.  The part of the building housing the Archive and downstairs, the office, date back to the Jacobean period (the 1600s).


In the First World War, the main part of the building was used as a recouperation centre and in 1923 the remainder of the building and the garden were handed over, in trust, to the town.


These days, the fabric of The Bircham Centre is maintained entirely by donations from you.  It houses the Library and our Charity Shop, and lots of people use it to run clubs and groups.  We have a range of therapists working from hthe centre and the Reepham & Wensum Valley Team Churches have their headquarters here.  We also are delighted to have the cooperative work space The Birch upstairs.

How you can support The Bircham Centre

The Bircham Centre relies on your support to keep it going in so many ways.  The building itself is very old and needs constant attention and maintenance, not least to keep it up to fire and safety standards for public use.  Any repairs need to be done as soon as possible; a building that is nearly 500 years old can deteriorate quickly.   As a public building that stands to represent the town of Reepham, housing the Archives is also part of our remit and staffing, administering and maintaining this most important facility takes time, effort and love.  You can help in any way you can - even small purchases from the shop or a morning once a month contributes to the overall maintenance and running of this wonderful building.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and anything you can do is always gratfully received.  You can volunteer by:

  • Becoming a Trustee and being part of the decision-making team that maintains the building

  • Work in the shop; you can help sort the donations as well as being behind the counter.  You can decide what level of commitment suits you.

  • Give some time to the garden

Donate to our Shop

We have a very vibrant charity shop at the Bircham Centre which funds much of the essential maintenance on the building.  The shop - and by extension the building - cannot survive without your donations.  


Books, china, clothes, kitchen items are welcome, but please do not bring videos or electronic items as we are unable to take them.

Use our Facilities

The Bircham Centre offers a range of rooms that you can hire:

  • Room 8 upstairs: a large, airy function room with huge table, settee and beautiful wooden floor

  • Room 7 downstairs: excellent for people with limited mobility; also doubles as our Art Gallery

  • Kitchen facilities

  • The Garden: a magical space perfect for poetry readings, garden parties and picnics, lovingly kept by Eve's Hill.

Join the 200 Club

The Bircham Centre runs a 200 Club which draws every month.  Buy a number for £12.00 per year and each month you will have the chance to win one of the three prizes: £25, £15 or £10.  At Christmas, we have an extra draw.


To join the 200 Club, contact Polly the Centre Manager and she will set up your membership.  Email thebirchamcentre@gmail.com or use the contact page.