Reepham Town Bowls Club

The Current Reepham Town Bowls Club enjoying freedom after lockdown.

2020, the Year of Coronavirus when everything stopped!

Lockdown commenced 23 March 2020.  Everyone was required to stay in their own homes and only to venture out for vital supplies, to wear face masks when they did and to keep two metres apart from anyone else.

All League games were cancelled until further notice.  Once the Government relaxed the rules in July we arranged to play our own Club competitions.

The winner of the Singles Competition was Arthur Stokes.  The winner of the Doubles Competition were Les Webber and Bill Atlee.  We also played a couple of friendly competitions.  There was no AGM in 2020.  Throughout the lockdown, the green was maintained throughout.

2021 Although Coronavirus is still with us, we are no longer in lockdown.  Social distancing and the wearing of masks is to continue.  The Leagues have started up again, although a little late, in May.  Each team is reduced to three members and three teams for each match.

We played well this year: 

  • In the Elmham League we were top in Division 2, so we are elevated to Division 1.

  • In the Dereham and District we were fifth and remain in Division 1

We also joined the Help the Aged Thursday Afternoon League, which we also won.  Altogether not a bad year!

We received sponsorship of £250 from the King's Arms in Reepham and £150 from the Crown.  Thanks to both for your support.

A BBQ was arranged in August at Babs and Dave Davison's house.  A very enjoyable afternoon and evening was had by all, even though it was a bit wet!

A Christmas meal at Hampton's is also arranged in early December.

If you are interested in joining the Bowls Club please get in touch via the Contact Page here and your details will be passed on to the Bowls Club.