Lots of interesting things go on at The Bircham Centre.  On this page, you can read the latest Bircham Centre Trustees' Minutes and find out who won the 200 Club Draw this month.  

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2020 is the year for some radical changes to The Bircham Centre in terms of building and repairs.  The following have either been completed, are underway or are in planning:

  • Pudding Pie Alley Wall is now completely repaired and safe, including repointing and rebuilding.  The wall contains the Bircham Centre vegetable garden and is an original structure and integral part of Pudding Pie Alley.

  • Bircham Centre Reading Room.  This is the major piece of work being undertaken in 2020 and will make a significant difference to the downstairs space of the Centre.  Originally, the Bircham Centre was gifted to the town as a reading room, and with this legacy in mind, the Trustees have repurposed the old kitchem to a Reading Room, using the fact that the floor needed replacing as a perfect excuse to complete the transformation.  Late in 2020 the Reading Room will open, complete with shelving for all the books for sale, some comfy chairs and space for you to sit and read and enjoy the Centre as Samuel Bircham himself intended.

  •  The Kitchen will be a small galley space beyond the door, for making drinks and snacks, and fitted out with clean, new units and facilities


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This year, The Bircham Centre's AGM took place on 7th September 2020 after a very strange year.  We welcomed three members of the public and all socially distanced upstairs in Room 8.

The first task of the evening was to thank Brenda for her excellent stint as chair, and to welcome Les West in as new Chair.

In the meeting we: 

  • Gave an update of the Centre functioning within the Covid restrictions

  • Heard reports from the Chair, Archives and Shop

  • Outlined repair and remodelling works that were to take place in the latter half of 2020 and 2021

  • We reviewed the wonderful Centenery year and the excellent events that The Bircham Centre enjoyed with the people of Reepham.


Please read the AGM minutes and see the audited accounts to the right.


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